Thank You 2014!

Happy New Year!

I wanted to write a Thank You to 2014 as I now spend time in Cobb County with friends near Atlanta, Georgia, USA. If you don’t use the practice (often called the gratitude jar) I highly encourage you to. It’s simple and a great way to shift your focus to the positive.

Give yourself the gift of making the most of your happy moments!

-Carry a note pad with tear-away sheets and keep your mind open to noticing things you should be grateful for. (Or keep it at home – somewhere you will notice every day.)
-When you notice something you are grateful for (or should be grateful for – you can practice this even when you’re not feeling it) write it down and fold the sheet to put your note into a jar. (Your gratitude jar. I put it in a gratitude ziplock bag myself because I’m always travelling.)
-At the end of the year, you can look at all the notes you collected, remembering the good and inspiring times you had throughout the year. Focusing on the love you felt, the joy you experienced, and the challenges you rose above will lead to more of the same in the coming year.
Keep your notes of gratitude, compile a list, make a collage, or just file them away with your memorabilia to refer to again. (I have not done mine yet and I don’t have my 2014 gratitude notes with me.)
-The focus of looking for things to be grateful for will help improve your focus to look for the positive and will increase your overall happiness and well-being.

A close-up of a painting from my “Dancing with Flowers” collection, from when I was an artist.

What are you thankful for from 2014?

Why not take a few moments to think about that. Jot a few things down.

I am grateful that I was able to have a reunion tour in the winter of 2014. On a road trip down the Eastern seaboard I reconnected with dear friends from my past, many whom I had not seen for a decade or more. I am also learning to reconnect more meaningfully with new people I meet.

I am thankful that I was able to spend time with family.

I am grateful that I was able to devote time to writing.

I am thankful that I was able to join groups that felt purposeful, and met people I felt I was meant to meet. And that one thing led to another, one person led to another. With forward motion came more forward motion.

I am grateful that I had more love in my life by the end of 2014 than I had at the beginning.

I am thankful I met a number of people who have become special to me during 2014. One in particular who will likely be a central figure in my life.

I am grateful for my loving friends and family.

I am thankful to be alive and well.

Stay tuned for my next new year posting – “Why 2015 Is Going To Be Great!”


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