Cambodia Bus Ride

I took a very tiring bus ride from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap.  Taking the bus has it’s merits over air flight, for this duration anyway.  Traveling between the city provides an opportunity to see the Royal come Bodian life which does make up most of Cambodian life.  To see cities in isolation provides snapshots.  Like someone who has been to London and Birmingham think they have seen England when they have only seen two cities of England.  

with a noon departure it started off okay with the sun directly above.

I was able to take some photos during my first hour of the ride. 

The first thing I noticed was many houses on stilts.  It did not seem that water could possibly be the issue to build this way.  

The amount of dust emanating from the mostly dirt roads was incredible.   Does it help to be off the ground a little away from the dust?

 The highway was raised so perhaps this is a floodplain.  These homes were level with the road as you can see by their walkway bridges.

Still causing me questions was that some houses were very elevated and others on the ground.

Click on the image below for a video passing through this market town.


Here and there we would pass by pagodas .  This one scene from a large bridge was easier to capture .

I still have not found out why they are on stilts .

this does look more like flood plain safety, but much of it didn’t .  This was a topic of discussion for me and a German couple I befriended .  We talked about maybe there is a problem with some kind of animal that can not climb stairs ?

These truck like vehicles seemed to use the same engine as the one stroke boats .  For sure they could not make a sharp turn except with the driver dismounting .  

at this point the sun was starting to sign directly in my face.  The window already hot from 35°C  (cooler day this week ) became like heater.  I had to pull my curtains, even still I spent the next four hours wet with sweat .  The very weak aircon could not keep up.  Also with the sun in my face the camera could not focus any longer.  Any good photos would come from the other side of the bus for the rest of the trip, about 6 hours.

additionally the bus was shaking too much to be able to read or write or use device.  The patches of paved road where brief and intermittent .

This “club sandwich” with very red ketchup, no bacon, no tomato, no chicken filled my belly during a rest stop.

Click on the video below for my final impression of this bus ride. I know I’m complaining, but I’m still good natured about it!