Last Night in New Orleans

I have not shared posting for a while, so here is just a tide-over. There are lots of stories I am working on that I will be sharing in the coming weeks and months.

It’s my last night in New Orleans. This was one of my reunion destinations, I was catching-up with a friend I had not seen for fifteen years. Rekindling was, for me, a true healing experience. I can’t explain to old friends just how unconnected I had become from everyone around me. My mental state just two years ago I could only describe as having been mentally ill. So when I have these experiences of plugging-in to friends who had been very dear to me in the past and the feelings from years ago come rushing back, they work towards creating an oasis in me where many thorns had taken-over. I had this experience in Rhode Island, near Atlanta, and again here in New Orleans.

Tonight I’m getting ready to leave in the morning, this trip cut-short by some family issues I need to attend back in Canada. My final reunion destination of Austin, Texas will need to be postponed and I will plan to fly there for it when I can.

I’m a bit like a cat. I seem to become melancholy when I am getting ready to leave a place. In this case too, I’m not carrying-out the final leg of this journey as planned.

Those of you who have heard me sing will notice that this video is not my usual tone or register. At present I have a cold that is altering my sound and this is a very gentle and high recording I did a few minutes ago of Purcell’s “Dido’s Lament”. If you’d like to hear what I more usually sound like, you can find “Singing (Me)” in the categories, just click on that.

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Thanks for listening!

Happy Birthday Barb – The Karaoke Concert!


Today is my sister’s Birthday! When we were in NYC in December and I did stand-up with her there I had the audience wish her a happy 40th birthday just for fun. Afterwards I told the audience that our well-wishes were a few months and a few years early, but I think they mostly missed that. Just to clarify, she was not turning 40 nor is she now. I’m 40, and she’s much younger than I am.

Here’s us laughing over nothing in particular on New Years Eve in Greenwich Village, NYC. Not sure why we couldn’t stop laughing!

This was our favourite restaurant of this NYC trip, on Cornelia Street in Greenwich Village.

I’ve shown this one before, Barb walking Andy on Christmas Day, Dec, 2013.

Anyway, I’m going to miss Barb’s Korean Karaoke Birthday Party in Toronto (we’re not Korean, in case you’re wondering), so I thought I’d do my own from here in Richmond, Virginia!

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Nothing says “Happy Birthday!” like reflecting on death and the fact that we’re going to eventually return to dust as we take one step closer to the grave each year. Click on the image below for my living-room rendition of Kansas, “Dust In The Wind”.

A short bit signing higher, click the image below to hear Eric Clapton’s Happy song. . .

Just one more, as to not hog the karaoke. This Canadian song, written by Canadian Leonard Cohen and perhaps best performed by Canadian K.D.Lang, I put the first verse on my Facebook recently. I’m really not good with the words of songs. Notice my surprise by the words when I hit verse two, because I really am doing karaoke using youtube through apple tv. Is it not surprising in this song, that a woman is sunbathing on a roof? Right?

I missed Barb’s birthday last year too, but I took some photos for her where I was in Arambol, Goa, India.

This was my yoga teacher there. I didn’t learn a lot because I was sick all week, but it was fun anyway.

I didn’t know who this was, but he was a good sport.

As was he.

And him.

And him.

Come to think of it, I may have stayed too long there and run out of things to do. I’m not really a beach person. . . . this was some random laundry-washing shack or something. I knew they wouldn’t mind if I used it as a backdrop, I’m intuitive that way. I mean, how would they ever know, really.



Yeah, that was a bit much, wasn’t it.

This last one is me. Not sure why I look a bit unimpressed!


Hope you have a Wonderful Birthday Sis! Sorry to miss it, again! xox

P.S. Dear other friends and family, I can’t do birthday posts for everyone, but maybe one a year so this year was Barb’s turn!