My Colourful Home

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This was the last home I owned, the transfer of ownership happened a year ago on April 1st, 2012. I only owned this home for just under two years and completely transformed it (well, contractors did, but it was my vision) from what it was. Built in 1926, many ceilings and walls needed replacement as it had not received the attention it deserved for some decades. Also, I had both bathrooms gutted, built a rear patio and landscaped (there was not a single remaining tree/shrub when I purchased the property), and generally every room and corridor was repaired and upgraded.

Finally, when I got it exactly as I wanted, I decided it was time to re-start my life. This entailed selling my part of a business started with my former partner and leaving Winnipeg, a city that never felt like home to me even after 8 years. Certainly if I knew at the time that I would shortly-after feel the need to leave Winnipeg I never would have taken-on the renovation projects I did. I lost money on the home because I spent more on it than the neighbourhood market would support when it came to selling prices.

I was sad to leave my pretty little home behind. I wish I could have taken it with me to Toronto. But now, I’m not settled here in Toronto anyway. I plan to be a citizen of the world for a while before setting-up house again somewhere.

I love colour and I know many people prefer beige, so please, I do not need comments indicating that my decor is not to your taste preference. I’m just showing you more of my personal life, that’s all.


With 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, it was bigger than it looked from the street.


I had the front porch made into a sunroom by insulating the floor, walls and ceiling and adding a heated ceramic floor.


Yellow is my favourite colour. It took a lot of hunting to find a Persian carpet with yellow as its base colour.


That tv was stolen in a home invasion. Police got it back. But I was never comfortable in the house again. I was in bed upstairs when two guys broke in, all I knew was that there was more than one guy in my house since they were hollering to each other over the alarm system. They took their time and one even carved his name into a wood cabinet while I was shaking upstairs waiting for them to come up to my then unlockable bedroom, which thankfully they didn’t do. I had window bars installed soon after.


I wanted to theme each room strongly leaning towards a monochromatic colour scheme. Clearly, the dining room is red. Not cranberry, just red red.


I shipped some large items home from Thailand, they have great woodworking pieces available around Chiang Mai especially. Smaller things I’ve accumulated from travels here and there.


I finally bought a piano when I bought this house, but I’ve barely used it. Someday I’ll have a home for it again, for now it sits at my brother’s house.


The kitchen was the least renovated room. But, at this point I had to realise that I was giving gifts to the next owner since the property value had a strong ceiling I had already passed in my spending.



I decided to do the kitchen and bathrooms white so that colour could come from changing accessories. (And because I was doing all the other rooms so colourfully.)


My home office was really a bedroom on the main level. When I bought it, the house was a up/down duplex with 2 bedrooms on each level. Although I un-duplexed it, I did later start locking the exterior-grade door to the second floor when I slept. (It had a common entry-hall.). My invasion was very traumatic for me.


This lime bedroom was actually my home gym. I only made it a bedroom for setting-up to sell the house. Chances are that it was not going to be purchased by another single guy living by himself.


I did all white tiles in the bathrooms. I like the clean look.


The 2nd floor landing. Somehow, this was a kitchen when I bought the house. This area took a lot of work to bring to a nice condition again.



This blue bedroom was my bedroom. It was cozy.


I did not stay with white ceilings throughout the house. Here, the ceiling is sky blue. The only white ceilings were in the white rooms. The others were complementary to the wall colours.


Upstairs bathroom.


I chose Japanese colours for this guest room. Japanese green and golden hay overtop.


When I bought the house, this was a mud pit beside my double garage. I made it into a little garden oasis.



Of course I painted this side wall of the garage my favourite sunshine yellow.



I only got to see all my plantings through one season!


Going back out to the street.

So there you have it, another personal post showing an insiders view of my life. If you enjoy my postings, please do share them with friends! Cheers everyone!