Happy 2017 – Where Did I Go?

What happened to 2016?  Lots!

In 2016 I decided to start entering stories in the CBC Writes competition.  At this time I discovered that for entering into this competition, and others, a story is disqualified if it’s published.  And “published” includes being on a blog such as this one.  

This created a scenario where my blog became a collection of my weakest stories, with all of my better stories saved for other potentially more important venues.  I found this demotivating.
Another thing that happened was that my iphone died after my last Asia trip.  A company recommended by Apple (Apple does not help you with recovering any information from your dead Apple product) quoted me $2700 to try to recover just the photos.  I lost many blog posts that were half completed.  It was another demotivation losing hundreds of photos and notations, as well as a lot of interesting recordings such as conversations with taxi drivers.  

I did have quite a lot of travel in 2016, but I ended up sharing that mostly just on Facebook.  Also, life happened too and my focus moved to other things. 

My most recent trip involved some work in Arkansas.  This had me in the US for 3 months – before during and after the recent Presidential election.   I would like to share some of those travel experiences, as well as my own observations and learnings with you in some soon to come blog posts.  But after having gone on hiatus for so long, it seemed like it would be strange to just suddenly start posting without some explanation as to where I’ve been.  

With my Mum in New Brunswick, January, 2017.

Happy New Year Everyone!