Remembering Last Winter, Videos from India

My iPad is too full to download more photos! I keep deleting some, but it gets harder and harder deciding what to delete. So although I’m currently in New Orleans, I decided to recap some India memories here so I could happily delete these memory-intensive videos. Click on the images to play the videos.

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Flying with the gulls , the ferry from Mumbai to Elephanta.

People-watching on a Sunday morning.

Visiting a Dairy Farm.

This short clip shows the security process we go through arriving to most of the international hotels. A cart with a mirror is rolled under the vehicle, the trunk and hood opened, and a visual inspection of us followed by x-ray and metal detection at the building entrance. (Ooops, I now realise this one was from my 2012 trip with Myke. Anyway, still India.)

The video below shows some of the daily afternoon beach activity in Arambol, Goa.

I think I shared this before on my Facebook, crossing the street.

As I mentioned, at the moment I’m in New Orleans visiting a friend and enjoying Mardi Gras. I’ll try to get some more current stories finished soon from Phili, Alabama, Georgia, etc that are in the queue but not yet complete.

Cheers and thanks for watching!

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