Christmas in New York & Happy New Year!

Dear Readers,
I hope you have all enjoyed the end of 2013 and that you have high hopes and dreams for a happy 2014.

I have not posted on my blog for some weeks but I figure this has been a busy time of year for everyone anyway. Whether you celebrate holidays in December or not, the end of the year brings with it various traditions in many cultures as we reflect on the previous year and look forward to the new one.

I’m not going to share a story today, instead this is just a bit of a catch-up and sharing some photos from my own Christmas in New York.


This photo collage from 2013 showing pics from the UK, Canada, India, and the USA. If I had sent Christmas Cards or New Year Cards this year, I was going to put this photo in them.


I spent the month of December in Manhattan. This view was taken from Brooklyn when I joined a tour led by friend, Laurie, who is a NYC Liscenced Tour Guide.


I stayed just off Washington Square, in Greenwich Village bordering West Village. I loved the area.

Christmas in New York!


Of course I got a christmas tree to enjoy. I dried orange slices for the first time and really like that traditional look!


I had a lot of great times with new friends and old during the month, but my hands-down highlight was Christmas with my sister, Barb, and her dog, Andy. They visited from Dec 24th until Jan 1st so we also enjoyed New Years together.


On Christmas eve we joined carol singing in Washington Square with our friend Guy from England.


We loved Christmas Eve dinner at “Home” on Cornelia Street, very near to the apartment.


It was fun taking Andy out on Christmas Day too. He often goes in for kisses when the opportunity presents itself.


Andy was very lucky that we were happy to walk for hours and that most stores let us shop with him too. Only we couldn’t stop for coffee or food, the laws are very strict about no dogs wherever there is food being served. This is the look he makes when we have returned from a walk but did not take off our coats. Sorry Andy, we’ve gotta eat too!


Andy could tell where we were getting ready to go out without him. Here he has nestled himself onto Barb’s lap as she is trying to put on her boots.


Andy Skyping with our Dad’s pug, Buttons, on Christmas day.


We did not take off our pajamas on Christmas day. I may have cheated and pulled jeans over my onesies though.


We made our Mother’s cheesy eggs bennies on Christmas morning.


Andy was exhausted after all the Christmas excitement.


In the upcoming weeks I will be working on stories from this month in Manhattan while staying in Richmond, Virginia. I also need to catch-up posting my even more recent travels, which will include:

-After NYC I visited dear friends in Rhode Island during the first week of January. They showed me the very handsome towns of Wickford, Newport, and Providence.

-I stayed briefly in Philadelphia but the weather betrayed me so I didn’t see as much as I would have liked. It was freezing and windy and RAINING.

-Currently I am in the charming city of Baltimore where I have enjoyed meeting friendly locals and wandering the streets in the cold, but dry weather.

-Tomorrow I am off to Fredericksburg, Virginia, just for one night as I needed to delay my nearby stay commencing Saturday, Jan 11th.

-I will be staying in Richmond, Virginia for four weeks. The purpose is to get down to business writing! I had too many distractions to write much while I was in New York an I’ve been busy sight seeing ever since. So I needed somewhere to pull-over and reflect and after some research I could tell that I should feel quite at home finding a mix of social activities and quiet time in this little Virginian city.

-I may visit Charlotte, NC, if scheduling allows.

-Following Richmond my “Reunion Tour” of long-time friends continues with a visit with a family close-to-my-heart near Atlanta, Georgia.

-One of my US favs,New Orleans, continues my reunion tour after Georgia.

-Finally, my reunion tour will take me as far as Austin, Texas before I need to start my loop back to Toronto. I’m not American so I need to limit my stay to a max of 6-months during any 12-month period. I don’t want to max my time now because I’ll probably want to spend some of it in NYC again later and who knows where!

I am always happy to meet people while I am travelling so if you or someone you know is in a destination I am visiting, please let me know! Click on the “contact me” tab for my email address.

Cheers Everyone, and
All The Best for a Wonderful 2014!