Walking around Birmingham Enjoying the City

There a loads of beautiful buildings and lovely areas in Birmingham. I have talked about specific and well known places in other postings. Here are some more random shots taken around the city.


I took a lot more photos than this, but I hope you enjoyed these ones. I may go back and label them if enough people are looking at this posting. Birmingham is a great city, I hope you will check-out my other posts about Birmingham that contain more than just photos.

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12 thoughts on “Walking around Birmingham Enjoying the City

  1. Great pictures of a city where I was brought up and lived in for about 20 years until I emigrated to Africa over half a century ago!
    I used to work in Colmore Row about 50m up from Victoria Square on RHS.

  2. Hi Darren,
    I am glad that you shared with us a good experience from Birmingham UK. I lived in that lovely city for over seven years. Whenever I can, I go back to review the place and see some dear friends. You are right, Birmingham is a good example of a cultural blend. Its architecture is really nice and the people are very friendly . I am a Brazilian, living in Recife, but my heart is in Birmingham!

  3. I’ve lived in birmingham all my life ,I’m 55 originally from cyprus it’s a fantastic city very underrated ,a lot of the pictures showed places that a lot of people don’t really look for ,I really enjoyed the Costas

    • Thanks for visiting my Blog and for your comment, Costas! I think as a visitor I notice things that perhaps locals don’t or maybe they take for granted. I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed Birmingham, you are right that is is underrated, it should have a much higher status than it does. It will over time, centuries-old reputations are slow to change! I hope you might enjoy my other England travels too. Cheers! Darren

  4. i was born & bred in brum but left for s. africa over 40 yrs ago, liike your other reader i cant recall most of the photos, i still have family there & hope one day to pay a visit.

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