My Life – Photos with Narration – Walking to the Gym

My current home-base is in Toronto, Canada, with my brother and his family. I sold my own home in April, 2012 and became a full-time globe trotter writing about my adventures. This time I will be “home” for a few weeks, before going out East to visit family and friends in New Brunswick, where I grew-up.

I thought it might be interesting to show you my everyday, so you can see the lens from which I interpret and compare the world. We all make comparisons to what we are used to, it’s how we understand the world around us; how does this scene fit-in to other scenes in my life, how does this experience compare with my usual everyday experiences? Everyone interprets the world through their own viewpoint, and showing you a bit of my personal life will explain a bit as to where my interpretation comes from. I will show you my own former home in a separate posting.

I am not showing you my brother’s home, it’s not mine to show, but these are photos showing the 12 minute walk to and from the gym. It’s easier to walk than drive, it’s a pleasant walk anyway.

These photos were taken at the end of March, 2013, before the trees have grown their new leaves. The pictures will also show some of the variety which is my life, these are the streets I am walking down this week and next. The stark-contrast to walking down streets the past few months in India is vast, of a different world. This is not a neighbourhood I would choose for myself, although centrally-located, it does not feel urban. This is my tag-along life for when I am in Toronto and I am very fortunate that my Brother and his family welcome me here.



The mature neighbourhood is not elite for Toronto, but neither is it typical. I don’t want to mislead my international readers by suggesting everyone lives in homes like these, this is an upscale neighbourhood with a great location. You can tell the location is convenient by the small properties. My parents in NB still find it odd how tightly together Toronto homes tend to be, but I find that to be the case in most large cities.







Torontonians may recognize where we are now, I cross this ravine going towards Yonge Street.


In a few weeks this will look completely different.


The red and black electric streetcars are iconic for Toronto. I love them, although suburban GTAers (Greater Toronto Area) are apparently not as fond of this mode of transportation are are people who actually live in Toronto. People spend hours commuting to have bigger homes on bigger properties outside the city. There is definitely a different standard of thinking when it comes to what we “need” when compared to most other countries. It is much like the USA that way.


A little stretch of Yonge Street. This longest street in Canada starts at Toronto’s waterfront and ends in Montreal. You would never go to Montreal that way though, it would take a very long time.


Many of these homes are canopied by the trees in the summer. When I tried to Google Earth our home, I could see where it was but I could not actually see the house through the tree cover.






This view of Toronto’s skyline as seen from my brother’s front yard will soon be obscured until November by all the leaves.

I hope you enjoy my postings. If you do, please share them with your friends! Cheers! Darren