India – Images and Photos with Narration – Until Next Time

India is a fascinating country with seemingly endless places to visit. With over a billion citizens, it feels to me more like a world unto itself rather than just a country. A multitude of cities, towns and villages; various cultures and languages; unique foods and regional produce; and a rich variety of landscapes and ecosystems create this incredible tapestry and complex nation.

With an accumulated 11 weeks over two trips so far spent visiting India, the more I experience the more I realise I have yet to experience. In the coming weeks I will be adding some more postings from my previous travels in Northern India in 2012, from before I had this blog.

I will definitely be back. There are still many places to visit, people to meet, and adventures to be had.


A series of illustrations showing British life in India.



Some of the former Maharajah. This system of what were essentially regional monarchs was abolished by Indian Prime Minister Indira Ghandi.


More images of Indian Aristocracy.







Some colourful images of Hindu Gods.


I found these coffee advertisements (from the past) interesting. They don’t tells us why we should drink their brand of coffee, they just tell us to while showing a random interesting illustration.





The view from the hotel where we stayed within the Fort in Jaislamer. I will post about that beautiful city in the future.

Riding camel through the desert in Rajasthan last year.

A gorgeous temple in Mt.Abu. Also a future posting. More than 1000 intricately-carved, completely unique columns.

We stayed in this hotel, the Leela Palace, where we went from our car to the hotel by boat. This was in the beautiful lake-city of Udaipur. This will definitely be an upcoming posting.


This city was built and then abandoned after only two years of use because it actually had no viable water supply.


The incredible stepwell was recently featured in a scene in the fun movie, “The Majestic Marigold Hotel”. I definitely recommend it.

A visit to Amer fort (called Amber fort by the British).

20130311-232808.jpgWhen visiting Northern India, the Taj Mahal cannot be missed. This iconic landmark was far more remarkable in-person than we could have imagined.

So you can see, although I have now left India, I am far from finished with her. I have many posts yet to compose, and I look forward to my next visit to this vibrant sea of humanity.

If you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends! Cheers and Thanks for reading! Darren


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