Bangalore – Photos with Narration – Downtown Sights

I did not have a brilliant week in Bangalore. However, the streets and sights are most interesting.





20130219-152600.jpgElaborate temples fill nooks and crannies throughout the streets.

20130219-152716.jpgHere you can see how the temple blends into the landscape.

20130219-152814.jpgI tried to explain to her that frowning uses more muscles and actually takes more effort than smiling. Clearly she does not have extra calories to waste on frowning. But she didn’t speak English and just wondered why this lunatic foreigner was speaking to her. But you can see her child-like joy here after I gave her some money to take her photo. Heart-warming.



20130219-153524.jpgA portable shrine moving through the streets on Sunday morning. I have a video of this too.

20130219-153637.jpgIndia has a lot of people. Streets tend to be busy.

20130219-153806.jpgIt was not at all apparent what this equipment was hoping to accomplish on this narrow lane. Was is dropped in by helicopter? Has it been abandoned?

20130219-154026.jpgWhatever the case, it certainly works as a traffic-block.

20130219-154138.jpgA neighborhood wedding. The colors are made of flowers and yarn.


20130219-154329.jpgMy favourite sign. Useless, but great to see.

20130219-154431.jpgSomeone missed the sign. Or they decided not to complain instead.

20130219-154531.jpgA cow having lunch. The holy animals of India enjoy a constant buffet of plastics mixed with rotting compost.

20130219-154722.jpgI love this home, it’s kind-of magical in its dilapidation, it looks as if from a movie.

20130219-154902.jpgA flood way?

20130219-155001.jpgPretty colourful!

20130219-155334.jpgI love street art. This is in a park.



20130219-155927.jpg“Do not sit or walk on the grass.”




20130219-160200.jpgIs this like a “no u-turn” sign? Is it okay to urinate everywhere else?


20130219-160334.jpgSo this is convenient, but what about the girls?

20130219-160447.jpgYou can buy your child happiness in India. Isn’t that wonderful!

20130219-160601.jpgSad to need to be on a sign.



20130219-160931.jpgIt seems like the wording on this sign is too specific.

20130219-161051.jpgMy room in Bangalore. It’s much dirtier than it looks.





20130219-161437.jpgI just took this photo in the coffee shop where I have been working on this blog.

20130219-205159.jpgIt’s a kitty! On a sidewalk! (I know, doesn’t look like one!)

20130219-205446.jpgThe main commercial strip of Brigade Road.

20130219-205550.jpgSome drunken optimist came up with this road sign!

20130219-205700.jpgThe choice of Indian Monks.

20130219-205757.jpgThere are some amazing trees on Bangalore. You will see them prominently in my “wires” posting.

20130219-210011.jpgFantastic traffic barricade!

20130219-210104.jpgStray dogs are everywhere and they all seem really friendly.

20130219-210212.jpgHis ears, being equal, look intentional.

20130219-210326.jpgThey sleep in the oddest places, this was a really busy spot of sidewalk in the main commercial zone.

20130219-210508.jpgThis was on a pole at a construction site.

20130219-210608.jpgI didn’t see the middle-class suburbs, but this downtown construction clearly is. These are condos.

20130219-210737.jpgI wonder if an entire guitar was originally attached to this tree?

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