Bangalore – Photos With Narration – Sidewalks Downtown

Bangalore is an impressive “garden city” best known for its large IT sector. I experienced an issue walking on the road where the sidewalk was not an option and I decided to take some photos of the obstructed sidewalks. I believe this city could probably afford to improve the situation for pedestrians so they don’t need to wander in the road with traffic so often. All these photos were taken within walking distance from my hotel, downtown Bangalore.

I am not suggesting that Bangalore isn’t a beautiful, clean garden city, these are just some things I had to walk around as I wandered the streets. I took all of these photos last night and today, it was not hard to find countless sidewalk obstructions and I did not post more photos I took that are too similar. Interesting coffee table book?

20130217-220413.jpgThe most common sidewalk obstruction that causes the pedestrian to walk directly on the road in traffic is garbage.

20130217-220724.jpgHere see see a nice variety of sidewalk obstructions.

20130217-220820.jpgConstruction materials often force people to walk on the street.

20130217-220933.jpgDid someone think this was the perfect place to dump a load of rubbish? I guess so?

20130217-221040.jpgHere pedestrians are cut off by a messily-fenced electrical panel against parked cars.

20130217-221224.jpgDo you recognize this, common in many Asian countries? See the ropes? That’s right, this was scaffolding they’ve taken down.

20130217-221439.jpgAnother pile of dirt.

20130217-221609.jpgThis permanent city-made obstruction supports the power grid. These obstructions are all over the place. Watch for traffic!

20130217-221827.jpgVendors carts are a common blockage that pedestrians need to step around on the street.

20130217-222117.jpgI don’t really know, random construction leftovers?


20130217-222318.jpgThis is just rough terrain. Not a lot of roller blading happens here.

20130217-222431.jpgJust some municipal things to walk around.





20130217-223032.jpgIt’s probably not a live wire.

20130217-223149.jpgWatch your step, this hole is much wider than the length of my foot.

20130217-223329.jpgNoone will notice if I park here.

20130217-223424.jpgPeople don’t sue here if they stumble on the sidewalk.

20130217-223622.jpgLadies overt your eyes! This is handy, on busy Church Street downtown. Yes, right on he sidewalk.


20130217-223839.jpgHere a few motorbikes obstruct the sidewalk. I took a neat video of this scene too.

20130217-224039.jpgHere some rotting garbage overflows the sidewalk onto the road.

20130217-224216.jpgThis sidewalk isn’t obstructed, it’s just a bit uneven.


20130217-224425.jpgThis laundress is not entirely blocking the sidewalk, it was just an interesting sidewalk photo for the collection.

20130217-224605.jpgJust a bit of a crevass.

20130217-224737.jpgOh, am I blocking the sidewalk? Sorry, but there wasn’t enough space for me to fit parallel. Can you imagine someone doing this in the West!


20130217-225022.jpgThese yellow traffic barriers are not improving the situation for pedestrians in their present use.

20130217-225214.jpgThis little stretch of sidewalk seems to be prepared for a flood with sandbags.


20130217-225443.jpgThis is just showing a bit of disrepair on the fancy sidewalk in front of Puma and other brand stores.


20130217-225950.jpgI accept this obstruction as being unavoidable.


20130217-230206.jpgI’m not sure what sometime was trying to do here. Did they have the idea that this palette could be used as a cover but it didn’t quite work?



20130217-230552.jpgA cow bed!

20130217-230701.jpgShe is completely hogging the sidewalk with her produce. But I’m okay with that.

20130217-230808.jpgYes, this is a completely obstructed sidewalk.

20130219-204510.jpgA bit of obstruction to walk around at the corner.

20130219-204654.jpgThis sudden sidewalk crevass is about four feet deep.

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