Goa, Panjim – Photos with Narration – Goa’s Capital City

Panjim, also known as Panaji, is the small capital city of the Indian province, Goa. With nearly five hundred years of Portuguese heritage, Goa is a unique Indian destination, Old Goa is situated very nearby, a city that rivalled London and Lisbon during its heyday. Several disasters led to its decline, including two plagues and the siltification of the working harbour. Today, Old Goa is mostly covered in overgrowth.

20130212-195134.jpg Carnival is a several day festival celebrated yearly before forty days of lent are observed. The festival consists of a parade, dancing, nightly fireworks, and culinary celebrations.

20130212-195638.jpgCrowds gathered all along the river road for the parade. This view was from my hotel room window.

20130212-195909.jpgA parade float tribute to fish, a staple of the Goan diet.

20130212-200100.jpgA tribute to smoking, “Don’t make your lungs like an ashtray . . . . Journey To Death”

20130212-200404.jpgYoung people finding the best vantage points everywhere to view the parade.

20130212-200547.jpgMany of the floats were unlabelled, just people dancing on flatbeds to really loud music. Incredibly loud.

20130212-200703.jpgThe parade took hours longer than planned. Crowd control was not effective and the crowd kept crowding the street slowing and stopping the floats. (Rope barricades were not very effective.). I only stayed for a few moments at a time, it was too loud for me to endure more than a few minutes before retreating back to the hotel.

20130212-201029.jpgEvening Carnival festivities at a nearby bark. (As for me, I took this photo where I had dinner overlooking the park. Behind nice glass windows.)

20130212-201240.jpg I’m not sure who she is.

20130212-201348.jpgJust a colourful scene near the hotel.

20130212-201441.jpgI missed the “hanging” float that was shown in the newspaper the next day.

20130212-201606.jpgThe open ditches along all the sidewalks and also where the sidewalks came to corners were deep (often more than 2 feet)
and I had to always watch my footing. This was not always easy with so much stimulation everywhere. The only other place I’ve seen this was in Jaislamer.

20130212-201926.jpgWatch your step! The sidewalks abrupt endings may be completely in darkness at night!

20130212-202146.jpgPerhaps if he stacked these plastic buckets his load would be smaller. It would be much less fun to look at though.

20130212-202339.jpgI didn’t stay at this hotel, but it is very convenient to, and surrounded by, Panaji Market.

20130212-202521.jpgNothing like the original.

20130212-202608.jpgSeveral casinos are located on defunct paddle boats moored offshore. I’m not sure, but I’d guess that gambling is perhaps only legal offshore?

20130212-202758.jpgIt’s a kitty! On a roof!

20130212-202849.jpgIn some streets of Panjim, I was really reminded of Northern China.




20130212-203412.jpgOther buildings showed Portuguese influence.



20130212-203729.jpgStrolling around Panaji.


20130212-203954.jpgPanaji Church. This is one of the only photos that I would be approved to take in Panaji. My other photos are too candid and are of sights that one should ignore. Sorry for not being blind!

20130212-204242.jpgIt was time for a haircut, which meant also time for dye unless I wanted to be white-haired again. I was a source of entertainment for five salon staffers while I had my hair done. The kid, who did a great job, was only sixteen!

20130212-204651.jpgPanaji street art.



20130212-204946.jpgA visit to Dona Paola, South Goa.

20130212-205050.jpgThe backs of the jetty vendors at Doña Paola.

20130212-205158.jpgViews I’m not supposed to notice in Doña Paola. But one walks past them from the car park to the jetty, so. . . .




20130212-205929.jpgJust as I was about to get out of my seat and start dancing on the hot, crowded bus, I noticed this sign. Party poopers.

20130212-210115.jpgThe only impressive part of the Abyss Marine Aquarium was a sculpture that greeted visitors as they exited out the side door.

20130212-210407.jpgThe sporadic stream, directed on exiters, was actually quite wetting!

20130212-210544.jpgNot quite Madame T quality, but just as fun!

20130212-210651.jpgColva Beach. Ninety minutes was lots for me there.

20130212-210759.jpgStill Colva.

20130212-210904.jpgThe second largest Christian church in Asia, located in Old Goa.


20130212-211035.jpgAnother large church in Old Goa.

20130212-211129.jpgThere was a wedding at the red stone church.

20130212-211256.jpgSome vendors in Old Goa. Just typical, but I had a good elevated view inside the bus.







20130212-212300.jpgBaby cow!


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